Verified Pictures

Every LeoList user can become Verified.
You need a for them to show up on your Verified ad. Once you are Verified you can also get listed in LeoList Directory for FREE.


Make a LeoList Verified sign

Go ahead and get a piece of paper and write " 23/10/21" (DD/MM/YY).

Make sure the sign and text is big enough so it's easily read from far away. Use paper that is at least letter sized.


Take 5 or more pictures of yourself with the sign

The sign can be stood up, hung, stuck on a wall, or you can hold it.

Just make sure it's visible in the pictures.


Make sure your pictures are in a few different poses

We won't verify you if all your pictures are in similar poses.

No nudity is allowed in the pictures


Upload the pictures to LeoList!

You need to submit at least 5+ images of yourself with the sign in order to be Verified. Once you submit your images, it may take up to 24 hours to get Verified.

Please note: All your Verified Images will appear in ALL your Verified Ads and Directory Profile.