What does a Verified Picture look like?

  • LeoList.cc sign is clearly visible
  • A few different poses

Higher Chance of Genuine Pictures

Each picture is checked by our Verification team for authenticity. Almost all Verified Users are honest with their pics, but a few bad apples might use some tricks.
Bait and Switch. A user might send their friend instead of themself.
Old pictures. A user might use pictures that are out date and don't match their current look.

More Pictures!

A user must add at least 5 Verified Pictures each with a different pose to get Verification Status. More pictures, and more variety!

Full Transparency

Users who are Verified have to show all their Verified Images in their Ads

The Verification System is one of many tools you can use to help you find the ideal Companion

Best of all, it's completely free for both Clients and Companions!
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Build Trust

Tired of being asked if you're real by your Clients?
Getting your Verification Status will put any doubt to rest.

Stand out from Thousands of Ads!

Your Verified Status badge and pictures attract attention from clients!

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Verified Ads are cheaper than regular Non-Verified Ads!

Free Verified Directory Listing

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