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I am 5’2, 115lbs, 5th generation Canadian from Calgary (Caucasian) fluent in both English & French . I boast a Bachelor of Arts so useful that I’m going back for graduate studies as soon as I trade enough back rubs and blowjobs for tuition.. ( kidding.. sorta ;) I’m a born again-non-smoker with 35 years on the planet and just over half of that time in service-hospitality industry. Customer relations, food service and safety to restaurant management & operations with perpetual focus and return to sales. Most recently computer science has my heart. My most recent academic accomplishment was a certificate program that I finished a year early focused on web development &(graphic) design.

English grammar is my weakness and my inspiration to make the move to Montreal for the fall. Instead of writing a paper that Yoda would enjoy correcting, I’m going to use the 12 years of immersion to my advantage by continuing to Grad school in French.

You can expect to meet a healthy, happy, established & experienced professional service provider when you come to see me. My empathy, attention to detail, and anticipation of my guests needs allow me to naturally oblige, thus permitting me to offer a pampering that promises you’ll leave revitalized.

My active lifestyle, avoidance of child bearing, pride in my appearance and respectful diligence with regards to hygiene, and my down-to-earth knack for a non traditional grace, promise a time your memory will not want to erase-my presence presents an Ace you’ll forever replay the day- especially all the way to home base

-Cute face, a perfect ass, tight pink-waist, dazzling smile, sweet to taste- pick up the pace and win the race no time to waste;)-

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