yes, I wrote my own ad . I put a lot of thought and creativity into it so please take ur time to read if I peak your interest at all.

7am starting time 


Name:  AbyLyn Age: 24 ( for real, idk why all these girs lie and say theyre 19-22 )

let me get real, I'm open to all ethnicities. I don't fear black or brown men! 


EthnicityItalian/Russian- Mother & Spanish father  - Canadian born but bilingual-   

Foot Size: 8 Bra Size: 36C Jean Size:

Future P0rnstar, so catch me while my rate is low n humble!! 

--- Details for my Incall Location-- @ Winston Churchill ( outcalls available aswell GTA)

1. this is MY OWNED personal workplace

2. bought this home ONLY for our - play time <3 - I DO not live here. I use this for work only !

3. Friendly area, Family and tons of kids. 

4. Available 24/7 even if im not posted  



  : instagram ; thatbiitchyoucanntforget 

p0rnhub - coming soon

0nlyfans : Daily content & tease clips - + additonal 

snapchat- 10$ 


For donations: 

I divide my r@tes into 2 p@ckages. One on the simple cheaper side & one with most 3xtrs & hard play!

15 min 100$ ( lowest rate)

30 min 120-150$ (lowest to highest)

60 min 200- 250$(lowest to highest)

2H Specials( 300-400

ubove 2H can be discussed.

: PLEASE TAKE NOTE :  HATERS WHO DONT WANT TO SEE ME WIN.. WILL NEVER STOP ME. Youve been trying to stop me for years... WHEN WILL YOU GIVE UP? LET THE MEN, choose me, dont be mad it isnt you.. we can do duos instead?


to the clients : Be  confident in your own eyes, common sense and decisions . if you want a job on the review board go get one, youll have one by tonight and be able to control everyones reviews.. its sickning what people will do to stop a HONEST SUCCESSFUL PERSONS SHINE.

if you do your search, for YEARS you will see for years .. a teamm of people .. & the same ones.. trying to stop me. Ive been in contact with leolist and proven my real plenty of times which is why IM STILL HERE,.- 

i DO NOT TAKE PART IN PLAY I HAVE NO INTEREST IN. --  EVERYTHING I SAY I DO.. I LOVE IT AND PREFORM WELL.the ultimate goal in life is to make money doing what you love.. and for right now.. being a young freak.. this is it! (no mount of $ can make me do something I dont want to do. i love to do EVERYTHING I OFFER.)  

)First off, let me kindly thank you for admiring me. There is a lot of beautiful woman on here, therefore im flattered. there are a few things about me that will stick out from the rest.. but Just to make sure i am what you want, try to read as much as you can! 

I am aware and understanding of how frustrating and difficult it must be for every man to find the perfect service providers of prefrence. This buisness isnt just about what is agreed through the phone, its about the vibe.. the company and mutual respect . this is an understanding, as we are all just humans looking to have fun and enjoy time in several different ways. therefore, no matter what the situation, its a MUST to be in an enviornment you TRUST & feel comfortable in. Theres also a way to speak to people, and im all for kindness. I never seem to be uninterested.. as I LOVE what i do. Its a shame to see how many woman either are liars or just dont know how to cater to a man respectfully... 

This means, I obviously would not lie about service & I will NEVER look bored or uninterested while preforming.

I AM ---- full of energy ! Stocked with dirty talk/phrases/sarcastic  comebacks & filthy seductive looks. 

SAFE. 100% clean -often checked. Always smelling fresh & youll be surprised how w3t I get and how good it tastes


ARE YOU URGING for some messy h3ad?

NO, I mean like ... some MEAN h3ad? * smirks at you* ( now im playing with my saliva in my mouth, sticking my tongue out at my screen) .. I MEANT LIKE.. the stuff that you wish your girl/wife would do? THE REASON WHY YOURE PROBABLY EVEN ON THIS SITE? UM... how else can i describe this ...... the type of stuff so rare you might even think youll never find... or you can find but has other flaws or drama u dont wannt to deal with ???? like ugh.. ok.. THE TYPE THAT HAS THE MATERASS WET EVEN THO THERES LIKE 3 BLANKETS ON IT ? THE type that has my face sticky because its literslly beenn,.... EVERYWHERE?

agressive OR SLOW and sensuall... my 0R@AL game.. is promising ... and well respected.. You may hold down my head.. we can change positons . I dont mind to g@g on it.. or to throw up a little if u like tht .... lol.. That kind of h3ad!

like to please women? cater to me.

DO YOU LIKE ROLLPLAY ? I do.. Im open to it  babe if you dont like ,its not needed.. but i mean, it makes things a bit more interesting.. or even some light dirty talk is cool... ;). I come with outfits.. I can change personality to fit the character.. so whatever you want me to be today. i GOT YOU -

I LOVEEE GR33K! slow tease at first .. loosen it up & then you can get agressive and deep! 

SUB PLAY ? Dom play ?

FeTiSh friendly  

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