Ms Erica Ph0enix

Not the girl next door; a woman you'll never forget!

♡ For those seeking the time of their life with a mature woman who knows what she wants & how to get it? You're in for a treat! You don't need to be worth a million bucks to be treated like a VIP.

I offer several session types:   

☆ Sweet & Sensual: because vanilla should still be satisfying & delicious!  

$250/60  $350/90 $450/120  $650/180

☆ Wet & Wild: what I do best! Squirting, toys, roleplay...

 $350/60  $450/90  $550/120 $850/180

☆ Over the Top: what happens in your fantasies & wildest dreams. Very few restrictions...let your inhibitions go!

$400/60  $550/90 $700/120 $1000/180

NEW IN 2021: BFF EXPERIENCE for WOMEN ONLY! You know how you always had that one friend you were so close to, so drawn to, that you want to touch & kiss & stroke her everywhere? To have her explore your every nerve ending...but WITHOUT risking the friendship? That's where I come in...Open to trans & cis women.

$350/2 hrs $600/4 hrs $1200/overnight

Extended Dates: Need more time? Dinner, drinks, maybe take in a show first? How about a weekend in? Let me customize an adventure for us both...perhaps invite a friend or two?  Life is short: let's live it large!! 

Ogoing arrangements: 3 month minimum, monthly recurring. Ongoing & drama- free company every week, as you like. Social time shared, meals cooked together, & of course, amazing intimate encounters. To be discussed.

AVAILABILITY: Due to a myriad of other commitments, I do not offer same day or short notice appointments to first time clients. My availability is limited to those who can afford me the notice I require & respect I deserve! ;-p

I am available Wednesday evening, & Thursday-Saturday from 8 AM - 10 PM. For clients willing to screen & pay a deposit by e transfer, out calls (1 hr minimum) are also available. Longer minimums may apply for some locations. am never available "right now", or between 12 am - 7 am, unless you're booking an overnight. 

Ask how you can save $50 on any session...

I see people of all genders, races/ethnicities, etc. I am inclusive, not exclusive: attainable, not elite. When you're tired of seeing girls who promise the world, come see a woman who will give it to what happens when my panties hit the floor!

Share a few details about yourself to break the ice. Be polite, respectful and write an interesting message. It's not recommended to use one-liners like "where can i c u?".

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