Release your Inner King ! Courage! Power!Love!

I look forward to meeting you in the most welcoming way naked! I understand how you feel upon arrival and my aim is to welcome you graciously so that we can begin to create an atmosphere of trust, relaxation and sensuality. You can share as much or as little about yourself and your desires as YOU want. Please know that there is zero judgement.

Tension, stress, and the resulting neediness just weaken a man over time. There’s no shame in that. Your body and spirit is like any tool you use, it needs care to be effective, so I work to relieve stress throughout your whole body, so you can bring your complete presence to the challenges you are facing. The aim is to return you to your proper state; powerful, relaxed and confident. From here a man can tackle any problem with ease.

I welcome you to the shower to make sure everywhere my mouth my tongue will go is fresh and sweet. I can offer a sponge bath experience too in my 3 hour sessions but after a shower it has less effect

I move onto the back massage. I’ve found that 80% of the tension men carry is in their back. I work deeply into the tense parts of your body to create pressure in order for the muscles and nerves to release the pent up energy knotting itself throughout the fibers of muscle and ligament. This is a true skill.

Next we work on a full loins massage. In today's culture with so much sitting our glutes become very tight. This has an impact on your whole back and can be the source for back pain. (I love teasing you here once you relax *wink*).its hot and exciting you'll be in bliss nirvana . we add in prostrate massage to ensure all tension is released

Now it is time for the fun! I’ll have you flip over and start giving you the most powerful and incredible stroking edging repeatedly building the right chemistry and feeling of intense ecstatic experience. The back and loins massage is the perfect build up; now we can work through all the tension built up in your life. This can last as long as it needs to Once you have finished I’ll rewash the area with a nice warm cloth.while you enjoy in the pleasure and warmth of the results of our intimacy.

We now move onto the foot and front torso head massage. These are incredibly relaxing, especially after your orgasm. You are free to drift off to sleep at this point. Most men do…after such relief and relaxation. Once we are completed you’ll DEFINITELY be ready to conquer the world! we will check in and see if you are feeling ready for another relase( in my 2.5 hour sessions ) its powereful too but generally a bit shorter. SO many men of all ages are surprised at how easy this is to achieve. 

You may have no idea or understanding of energy work or shamanism but you will love how it feels and the results are real and lasting . 

My ideal clients are all ages and backgrounds but are open , open to be pleased to immerse into the experience, Clients who seek deep relaxation who want a unique sensual experience. Clients hungry to be seen heard and felt, to feel and see and to BE

This whole magical 5 star experience when you prebook ITS THE BEST EXPERIENCE FOR YOU AND ME

2 hour 400 

2.5 hour 500 

3 hour 550 -

I have reviews, I am for real ,I love to give you an amazing experience be respectful my business hours are 9 am to 9pm if you message outside those hours please be patient with my replies

I rarely can offer same day session. please message ahead lets get the details straight and your explaination for why you cant commit till same day we may be able to work it in, but trying to get all of the admin done same day when im busy working is very difficult

3 hrs more time for special requests: possible dinner date or spa visits or like more massage (some of you are hot messes) ,hot tub time or Sauna IF I have it at my location ,light kink play, massage me ,foot play ,light BDSM play on you ,energy work , tramua work , regressions or meditations to solve stuck patterns problems in life... p#rn can be the cause of many issues of function we discuss how to rejuvinate your mind body connection and stop the very real dopamine addiction damage to your brain and neural pathways to the sexual organs affection function and connection in relationship 

still no sex or oral sex.not playing hard to get its just not what I do with clients.

 3 hours fee also applicable to a nice night out meal /show and light massage upon returning to my location with one release 

I travel to Many cities so please ask for my dates in yours. 

Like you, I am a professional and considerate person; this is how I make my living. Late cancellations and no shows are impossible to fill so I effectively lose money extending trust that you did not honor. Give as much notice as possible for changes required . I prefer 48 hours notice or more.

share your first name and the city you want to book in . I do fill up weeks in advance for some locations because this truly is amazing please book early.

Yours Truly,Goddess Lola 

Share a few details about yourself to break the ice. Be polite, respectful and write an interesting message. It's not recommended to use one-liners like "where can i c u?".

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