Swan MyC.

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Swan is an excellent service provider with training in Asia.

160 180 200

Overnight 1300

=============(604) 265 - 2717============

Metrotown. Text Only.

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"I was literally stunned the moment I walked into the door. I found her to be extremely attractive. Her photos are accurate but don’t do her justice. But I think she could pass for a model almost. Extremely cute and pretty face. Has long hair, big D boobs which were fake but soft enough to play with. Even with my Asian eyes, I had trouble guessing her age….she could easily pass for 20-23? If I had to put money, I would say maybe 25-26. Looked young and smoking hot either way. She is the type of girl that I would stare at her at the mall if she passed by lol. Swan has a very good lower body, especially for an Asian. She is a “healthy” build, great cute little rear and some meat on her legs – loved her in her mini skirt. Not the typical super skinny/lean Asian girls that is kind of boney."

"She was laughing, giggling, and smiling the entire time from the moment I entered. And this is not the fake forced kind too, she seems genuinely very outgoing and fun. Of course, she does make some “I love you” and “be my bf” comments that I don’t take seriously but I enjoyed every second with her. Felt like having a 18 highschool gf – if I had to describe her with 2 words it would be cute and bubbly. Honestly would try to date her if she was local lol."

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