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October is coming— and so can you!

Meet William October, your Swiss Army knife of carnal pleasures and the award winning adult film star formerly known as Jane Way.

I’m Toronto’s not so hidden gem since exploding into the industry in 2015 and there I haven’t stopped since. Don’t believe me? I haven’t had a single bad review to my name(s). Let’s call it commitment to customer satisfaction, and trust me, I make it priority number one every damn time.

I’m jack of all trades that you jack off to— welcome to my world! Award winning XXX filmmaker, director, producer, and cinematographer. That, on top off the grassroots charities and harm reduction work I do in my spare time, keeps me just as fulfilled as my career continues to be. I absolutely believe I was put on this earth to care and advocate for others, and make people smile. That’s what I aim to do as a companion and pornographer.

I’m the punk rock sensation that packs a punch— so I’d consider myself a lover and a fighter.

I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea— nor am I necessarily the preferred sip of whiskey. I’m OK with that, because I know I just might be exactly what you need.

Let me quench your thirst.

By now, I’ve either scared you onto the next ad, or piqued your interest— I’m fine with either.

I know (and love) who I am, and that’s someone who is unique and unashamed, with a cup full to the brim with pride for this job, and love for every friend (new and old) that walks through my incall door. I’ve been known to get on with people from all walks of life with ease, and I promise I’m not as intimidating as I seem. I’m soft, I’m sensual, and extremely tactile— a completely and utterly hopeless romantic.

It’s a cliche, I know, but I really don’t bite unless you’re into that sort of thing.

I strive to always be and present my authentic self to anyone I meet— so let’s meet!

You can hardly wait, and neither can I!

Sending you a love not unlike a forest fire,

— w. october

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