The Notorious Alex

looking for 'REAL' men

Slim, athletic body, clean, classy, and very laid back. Wild, adventurous and an expert in most areas. Professional and 100% discreet.

You will not be disappointed, satisfaction guaranteed.

All pics are real and all me. So neither you, nor I have any misunderstandings,  here are a few things to consider before messaging me....or really any woman:

1) Please take time to actually read the details of the profile your interested in so your not wasting anyone's time and money with redundant questions intended to pester or harass for attention or a better  deal. It tends to make someone look pathetic and is an obvious dead give away of your intentions.

2) If you have to ask....most can't afford it and should save and invest your money so one day you can.

3) If your too young and shouldnt be using the phone or computer in this manner, I'm sure your parents, nor the police  would approve.  Don't be in a hurry to grow up, your time will come.

2) PLEASE DO NOT INITIATE THE GAME 'LET'S MAKE A DEAL'!!! Not only is this highly insulting to any, if not all women (yes, its true) by devaluing them and  further oppressing all females, but itmakes you look like a 'broke ass' and extremely cheap and not worth any womans time. Aside from this, it really sends the message that your either extremely illiterate, or too pompous and ego inflated to take the time to show interest by reading and educating yourself on the details.

3) If your just another run of the mill, everyday, serial pervert or possible rapist, and feel like you have no time or self control after seeing a womans picture, and require immediate self masturbation, or  have a burning need to send a 'dick pic', PLEASE STOP!! Do not initiate an unwanted call or text to one of us, or plan a trip to a nearby bush in wait of your next victim, leaving you needing  all of the above. Remember this....these urges or activities are another serious turn off for at least 99.9% of us out there.TRUE!!

3) Even if you haven't,  PLEASE try to act like you have had some type of home-training. If you change your mind or have to cancel for any reason, have at least a small amount of courtesy and send a text or give a quick call, so that someone who was nice enough to trust you and make time in their day to entertain you in such an intimate manner, doesnt hurt their business or lose hundreds of dolla😫 rs and hours out of their day, while denying other, more serious customers that time and oppourtunity for booking.  Its the little things that add up to big things. If you had time to make the booking, im sure you can find a second or two to cancel the booking. Literally,  thats all it takes, and everyone is happy.

4) I like dirty talk just as much as the next person  but really prefer it face to face. It really sucks when someone starts trying to audition you like a job interview. First off, there is no garuntee on repeat business no matter what is texted or talked about back and forth on a phone, its also creepy and impersonal. If you creep out or offend a girl right off the bat, the chances of getting good service, if any, are probley slim to none. Can you say 'block & report"? Its only a one time meeting, no ones getting married or being paid a salary, so it comes off making you look really cheap and deaperate. Again...if you have to ask, you probley  cant afford it, or shouldnt be there in the first place.

5) Although some may be confused, THIS ISNT POF. We are professionals providing a service, and a very intimate one at that. Remember, you are the one calling, not the girl, so she shouldn't have to prove anything to you about her skills or her identity. If you want a pic to wack off to because your too broke ass or too young to afford  one of the lovely ladies offering services on here

Use your imagination and let me help make your evening or afternoon fantasy

come true.

Share a few details about yourself to break the ice. Be polite, respectful and write an interesting message. It's not recommended to use one-liners like "where can i c u?".

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