Rules & Posting Guidelines

LeoList seeks to create a safe and welcoming environment for users to post and respond to ads. We have provided the following guidelines to make sure LeoList users may interact freely, be assured of respect, and harmful and illegal activities are avoided.

In your interaction with others, always be respectful. Follow the golden rule: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.


LeoList is NOT a review board. Users may NOT link to reviews on other sites

Content Violations

The content you post -- words, pictures, videos, images, etc. -- should not violate the rights of others and should not contain or condone defamatory, fraudulent, deceptive, abusive, drug-related or illegal activities.

Given the amount of content that is posted, we are unable to monitor it all. We ask that you as a community assist us in making LeoList a pleasant environment. If you have a reasonable belief any posted content would violate our Terms of Service, gives misleading information, or serves the purpose of harassing or endangering yourself or others -- please report it to us here.

If you suspect that content posted breaks the law by violating copyright law, please report that here.

If you have a reason to suspect that content distributed might be of suspected criminal activity -- please report it immediately to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Once contacted by the proper authorities, LeoList will cooperate to the fullest extent possible. However, LeoList does not have capability to investigate or offer meaningful resolution – if you suspect or believe you have been the victim of a crime – please report it to the proper law enforcement agency. Only by reporting illegal activity to the appropriate authorities, can you assist us by effectively ensuring that LeoList remains a safe environment.

 We cannot act on allegations or suspicions. Bear in mind when reporting a violation of our Terms of Service that the information must be truthful. If we detect on-going patterns of harassment in our reporting system, this may be treated as abuse of our Terms of Service

Ad Rules

These are the rules we ask users to follow when posting ads:

• Always post ads in the correct category

• Users can post as many paid ads as they like. No one likes spam though, please respect your fellow advertisers by not over doing it.

• You can only post 1 free ad per day. If you want to post more ads, please purchase an upgrade, or when you try to post your 3rd ad, follow the ‘get back in action’ steps. *Only applicable to the free sections of the site.

• Free users are permitted to have 1 account. If you are a paid user, you can have more than 1 account provided they are all paid accounts. Creating multiple accounts to post free ads in unpaid categories is not permitted.

• We encourage you to promote your website on LeoList to increase your traffic. You may link to your website as allowed by the Terms of Service. However we ask that you do NOT use LeoList to promote competing websites.

• Always use your common sense and better judgement.

• The advertisement of goods such as weapons, prescription and illegal drugs, used or recalled food and cosmetics; ID cards, counterfeit or pirated items, and child pornography, or the advertisement of services related to offers to provide sexual services for consideration, or human trafficking, or the exploitation or endangerment of minors is strictly prohibited.