Melanie Jolliet

You enjoy a woman but still like the girl inside :)

If you are looking for a classy, clean, friendly, woman to spend some time with you have found her. Take advantage of my ability to make you feel comfortable and welcome... and to make you FEEL!

I have been told my words here ring true :) After a client visited with me, I was told that my ads don't lie. My client was happy. In fact any words I have used in my ads have been told to me by clients. I am not a wordsmith, so coming up with ad copy is not easy for me. So I take a page from real life.

Same Day as well as Short Notice appts (with minimum 1 hours advance notice) are available when I host. Last Minute appts are never available. I need time to prepare for our visit, as I only get ready for YOU.

If you are the type of client who likes to know more about your hostess than just her stats, visit my Twitter. It will show you the type of person I am. If you are the type of client who wants to know more about the intimate details, my reviews can help with that (although my clients keep some aspects to themselves, so please don't expect a play-by-play). My reviews can let you judge if your expectations fall in line with the experience I provide. All of these research tools are available by either: contacting me directly, visiting my website or doing your own research through Google. I like when clients do a bit of research at least. It makes me feel like they care how they spend their time, and are more picky about who they spend their time with. Of course that makes me feel special :) What girl wouldn't feel special to find out someone spent a little time to get to know about her, and then actually chose HER!! :) It's very flattering.

If you've made it this far, I am thinking you are shaping up to be a New Friend. I hope I have provided enough information to help you get started. I am always happy to answer questions too.

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