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Be ready for a muscle lady.

If you have appointment, please confirm by text 30 minutes before you arrive. Thank you so much for your help.

You can text or phone me  for an appointment any day of the week.Please do not use voicemail because my phone does not work for this.. I decided not to take Saturday off.If you want to make appointment, please do not use email. Phone or text.

Last appointment is 10:00 PM . I want to do my massage. Be prepared to spend this time. Extras are also offered, so we can talk about this when you are here..

If you have time, take a look at my website, I also have a movie. To watch it, see the instruction on the first page of website.

I have a book about my life and my job. If you want to view it, do Google search of "zengmonicamassage" .You can preview on line for free, or you could buy it, if your life situation permits.


You must be looking for a therapist.

Therapy means "treatment". Maybe, your medicine, you have missed?

I'm sure my treatment will have great result; no chance you'll go to poor

outcome list.

I completely know your diagnosis, so for you, there's good prognosis.

There'll be no pain, no electricity, no chemo drug, no device.

So make appointment now, that's my advice.

There's no adverse effect, no medical error, no complication,

No allergic reaction, no mistaken operation, no big incision.

This is just the human interaction. Let me be your medicine.

Tell me what you want to do.

The therapist is here for you.

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