Vivien Dear

Outstanding TOP NOTCH Massage

Surrender yourself to pleasure

warm and friendly nature

When you think of the best soothing way to fight the stress of the entire day and relax your body and mind at the same time, there is no better option than a full body to body massage. With intimate attention to your body.

advanced therapeutic relaxation massage professional, safe & trusted hostess welcomes you into a serine meticulously clean luxurious environment.


I offer the highest quality of care.

I am a genuine sweetheart and care about all aspects of your treatment.

By incorporating a variety of techniques that are best suited to you

which will help you get the most out of each treatment. My massage therapy specialties include Swedish massage, and holistic body work, I offer a passionate massage that promotes emotional and physical calm and relaxation. helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

I love to pamper & give pleasure, although I will not ever compromise on safety.

Topless or LINGERIE

included in all packages

Royalty Pampering- $400

Envelope yourself in the royal treatment

enjoy the full sensuality of my massage therapy, you will be able to liberate all your senses, relieve the mental stress and physical stress, and heal your inner self in such a way that the regular massages fail to compete with.

Soak in soothing silky bubbles

Head / carinal massage

Hand Or foot massage

complete full body hot oil rejuvenation


*special treatment to relieve all of your tension*

screening required 

Share a few details about yourself to break the ice. Be polite, respectful and write an interesting message. It's not recommended to use one-liners like "where can i c u?".

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