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Tyler the Badwolf

The Ultimate Boyfriend Experience

I’ve been a professional companion for several years and love what I do. It’s a total honor to get to spend quality time with sexy, sophisticated gentlemen (like you!). Let’s you and me make a plan to spend some quality time together, yeah? I’m aggressive where it counts and the perfect low-key companion everywhere else. The kind of guy you can take just about anywhere without raising eyebrows.


All my details, rates and lots more full-size photos are at tylerthebadwolf.com. I’ve got some great and thorough reviews at Daddy’s, just search my name.


LBGTQI+, women, couples welcomed enthusiastically. Burly flannel Canadian dad-types to the front of the line.


I seriously can’t wait to hear from you – even just to say “hello!” I strongly encourage you to email me via my site for the most prompt reply. 

Encrypted email/Telegram or Signal Messengers are the safest/smartest ways for us to connect. Remember you should never use SMS (texting) to share private info or photos with people you don't know. I don't text – you shouldn't either. Protect your privacy -> https://tylerthebadwolf.com/security/

I live in Toronto, but travel worldwide. Subscribe to my email list for tour dates and opportunities to connect -> https://tylerthebadwolf.com/newsletter/

-tylerCheck me out on twitter: @tylerthebadwolf and instagram: @tylerdarligulv

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