Regan Azazel

Athletically inclined playmate

Hello friend.

With me, you'll have a delightfully playful encounter. I welcome all genders, orientations, abilities, backgrounds and ethnicities! Duos and events are also available. Women and sex workers please inquire for a special rate.

My specialties lie in the roads less traveled; as an experienced alpinist and aerialist, I have easily gone wild in exotic locations. A full day with me, on the wet west coast, generally includes a small excursion into a temperate rainforest, ski resort, hot spring or to some good surf. Let me show you all that this wet west coast has to offer. Together, we could enjoy the salt spray of the sea and a vast expanse of stars, from a cozy costal Jacuzzi.

With a bit of creative license, some have said that I can cure aging. A step with me can be nostalgic, as I enjoy the more classic aspects of life. Others say I'm a bit oversexed, and I enjoy myself in excess. And then there are those that say I'm good, but not that good. But mostly, they talk about the way I look, and yes it's all real. Everything they say is true because in reality, I'm just your everyday people pleaser.

I do love to travel, and am passport ready with all necessary documents. Currently open to FMTY dates. Some of my favorite places to go are in the Pacific Northwest, Latin America, Europe, Japan and Australia. While my mind is open and I have an innate interest in the taboo, I expect everyone I interact with, to respect boundaries. Any failure on your part may result in the immediate termination of our session and blacklisting.

My body is my temple, and you're gladly received; given, you're also sober and freshly showered. Please do make use of the facilities I provide before our session. I fluctuate between the tom boy, who takes the gym bros through their paces and a tall drink of water, whose flirtatious eyes could deceive you into thinking she's such a gentlewoman with nothing naughty to hide. When it comes to BDSM, I can be a light to heavy top and a light to medium bottom, with the right dynamic. Only those with the best time management skills can arrange such a dalliance. My photos do show most of what my kits have to offer but I can always add more and love gifts, just please make sure they're vegan.

So, before we dive right into kink let's try a plant-based pizza while we watch a bit of german dungeon porn. Don't worry I'm not keto so, I will swallow. If anyone has come at you with the whole "how people use humor to hide behind blah, blah, blah," they just don't value a good laugh, like you and I do. Bring your dad jokes.

Wishing you nothing but the best.


Regan Azazel

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