Payton Foxx (or Lexi)

Not even pictures can do me justice! Spoil yourselves!!

Are you looking for that perfect girl? The one where things are effortless. . .

Her touch is soft, sensual and real...

If your looking for a good time with a girl who makes you feel a way you didn't think actually existed . . . where everything about her felt so right.  She just seems to know exactly what to do to take things to a whole new level. . .

All day after seeing her you can't help but think about your time together, grinning ear to ear wondering how she is still making your day better  long after you have parted ways. . . 

You walked into a situation unsure of what to expect  and came out on a whole new level, wondering how come no one else has ever made you feel the way your feeling now before. . . 

Don't be afraid to call me either!  

My absolute favorite people to meet are first timers, or people that think that they arent good enough or that I am out of their league. I may be a pretty girl but I do not discourage against anyone, if you are shy or unsure of yourself call me. That's right I am talking to you, I would love to have the chance to make your day! You won't regret it!

Maybe you have an event and need a hot date? 

That's right this pretty face has a personality you can be seen in public with to! 

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