MISS TRESS (Malahat area)

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"Refer a friend"

If you refer a friend they will get $20 off their first slide booking, and you will get $20 off your next slide booking following theirs. There is no time limit on this, once they do their first booking you may get your discounted booking anytime after. Returning clients are not eligible to be referred one discount per visit


If you e-transfer me when pre-booking I will give you a discount of $30 per 1hr slide session. This is non-transferable and must be between 2 and 24 hours in advance. 

Those are some pretty big savings!

NO new extras available to even regulars now, I will provide only what you have already had from me, with nothing more added rarely I will take on new people at this time

I LOVE what I do..I am very passionate and love the art of sensual holistic healing energy. I have an upscale clean, sober environment where I invite discerning and mature gentleman in for companionship without neediness

I've been confident au natural 18+ years expressing my free spirit. Im open minded and respectfully independant. I am not the submissive type, I lean more of alpha personality. Most of my time is spent au natural, but all are performed at our mutual comfort levels

I cater to those that need a quick fix and have been touch deprived, who are looking for a like minded, independant atmosphere without personal attachment. I welcome you to my healing Sanctuary where we meet as equal human bodies and shed away everyday life demands and stresses allowing desires for nurturing contact without emotional neediness

Hours: incalls ~  after dark add $30+/hr

Return ppl can see me various lengths

New people excepted are rare, sometimes after interview or referrals only

Available by appt only

$140-$170-$300,+tips(daytime donations)

$150-$250-$360,+tips(after dark)

Sensual energy healing(part clothes)


Bodyslide extra

Sensual with Bodysliding(au natural, NO FS or new extras available)




$300/2hrs days $360/2hrs after dark, only return people

**Prebooked (5-7pm only), returns

After dark add $30/hr. By the hr booking During days(limited 1 daily)

Pegging (no new people, people who have already had this from me only) NO FS

add on Extra time:

social is clothed and rarely available $100+per/hr 

add on must include sensual energy or slide

~ Your Tipping amount will determine my generosity but not for new people

~ "Extra" means "Any requests, that isn't included in my regular session" extra $.. NO EXTRAS AVAILABLE

No combining offers, NO LOWBALLERS or Haggling

New people must expect that I wont do mouth touch in any form, FS, ORL, BB, GRK, agressive play, hangouts, massage, fingers or French

There is NO hanging out after sessions, no drinking or party time

Regulars who stay seeing me over time might get more OR if its already been provided to you

First timers I require specifically to interview you

I Require a small Etransfer for First-time meeting to cover authenticity

If you ask why I'm so restricted we probably won't be a good fit

Why do I request an interview?

For my security. This is to be sure you're a real person with authentic intentions of coming to see me and also for safety. I don't want to risk seeing people under the influence. My details are not offered over text or phone because if you are in a public place I cannot tell your intentions or if you're a minor. See Bill C-36 Please be respectful I do really enjoy what I do and enjoy playtime.. I am picky for a reason!!! I do gentle touch and sensation play NOT massage, I use a bed not massage table, I feel it's better to see a RMT if its tissue therapy you are after. I will not book or answer if I feel uncomfortable with your intentions or if you have trolling behaviour, If I get an uneasy sense I won't let you in

~ shower, clean linen and refreshments

~ Please add 15-20 minutes to your session for dressing/undressing and a shower at the end

~ NO SXTING, I have 0 tolerance for trolling rudeness

~ Touch me everywhere IS OK except tongues or fingering

~ Fetishes welcome

~ I am NOT submissive!!

Etiquette ~ be on time, do not troll me, late or no show, I may not rebook you again without payment for missing time, I will not make a second date with you if you stand me up. To be fair, would you go on a second date with a girl who stood you up? I wouldn't either. I'm worth more than that, and so are you

This section is for Energy and Slide sessions, longer time lengths are not extras. I have cuddling, clothing optional to nude, sensual touch energy, edging to euphoric release, I don't do tissue massage, if you request that service I recommend someone who offers it. I no longer offer extras, and don't do massage. I cater to fetish at times and won't discus anything or what kind of fetish through text or over phone, it is up to you to ask for your requests that "YOU" desire in person I may or may not do it..say the magic word "pencil" so I know you read this

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