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Please read my website to review all the details, and find out about my special this month. You may find it here:


Here is a short description of how my session varies:

I provide 4 different types of massage pleasures one right after the other, each covering 100% of your body:

Session 1: A therapeutic massage of your body.

Session 2: I will scratch 100% of your body.

Session 3: I will gently use the lightest possible touches to lovingly caress 100% of your body.

As a fully licensed Reiki practitioner, loving energy constantly flows during a session.

I use three teases during our time together. These are very nonchalant teases; you will hardly notice them because they seem "accidental" in nature. These include: A full “s” tease, over the course of our time together; A “n” tease, whereby my “n” “accidentally” graze various parts of your body from time to time; A “g” tease, whereby various parts of my body ‘accidentally” graze various parts of your body from time to time.

I use two techniques that you will likely never notice, but which help to make our time together more enjoyable: Continuity, whereby at least one of my hands maintains contact with your body 100% of the time, never breaking contact fully; Predictability, whereby my techniques become subconsciously predictable to you, so you will be able to predict what I am going to do next.

I am also fully trained to handle man problems.

When you have read through my website and understand what my session is like, then write to me at the email address given in my website.

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