👋 there,

We are aware of scammers attempting to get personal information from LeoList users by sending emails and text messages to our Advertisers. They are pretending to be us and linking to phishing websites which mimic our sites look and feel. We know you’re a pretty savvy bunch, but even the most vigilant of people can fall for these tricks. 

So here’s some information on how to spot and avoid phishing scams.

What is phishing?

Phishing is an attempt by scammers to obtain sensitive or personal information by pretending to be another person/business.

What does a phishing scam look like?

Here are some real examples of phishing scams affecting LeoList users, 


Example 1: Fake Website Scams

The website will look exactly like LeoList but  if you notice the URL it is different!

Example 2: Email Scams

You may see an email that appears to be from us urgently trying to get your attention, but again if you read closely you will notice the website URL and EMAIL is NOT ours.

Example 3: Text Message Scams

You may get an URGENT Text Message from an unknown user pretending to be us, and again sending you to a website which is not www.LeoList.cc

Tips for avoiding phishing scams on Leolist

-Only trust our website which is www.LeoList.cc  ;Don’t enter your password or any sensitive information anywhere other than the www.leolist.cc site. If an email takes you to what looks like our site, check the domain carefully. 

-Only trust emails which are sent from our official @leolist.cc email addresses. Most of the time we use support@leolist.cc

-If in doubt, ask us. Our support team works around the clock and are quick at getting back to you. If you have an email or text message from us that you think is suspicious, just contact our Support Team:  support@leolist.cc 

Let’s fight scam together.


The LeoList Team  🦁