We’re really proud to announce the launch of Featured Ads – our newest ad upgrade.

Launching today, Featured Ads will be replacing our Right Column Ads. We think that Featured Ads will improve the ROI of our advertisers and provide exposure and exclusivity in some of our most competitive categories.       

A Featured Ad on mobile

What you need to know about featured ads… 👇

    1. They’re up to 3x larger as compared to right column ads
    2. They’re always shown on Page1
    3. Only 20 Featured Ads are active for each LeoList category and location

And best of all…

You have full control of the position of your featured ad.

Here’s how this upgrade works…

    1. When you bump or auto-repost an ad that has the Featured Ad upgrade active, your ad will jump to the first Featured Ad slot on Page 1.
    2. Your ad stays in that top position until another advertiser bumps or auto-reposts

Regardless of how many advertisers bump their Featured Ad, your Featured Ad will be displayed in one of our high-visibility slots for the entire time your upgrade is active

To the users who have active Right Column Ad upgrades, we’ve refunded the full value along with a 30% bonus to your LeoList Wallet.

If you want to try out Featured Ads for yourself…

Go ahead and post a new Ad on LeoList.

Happy advertising 😉,

The LeoList Team 🦁

P.S. Have any questions or feedback? Reach out to us anytime at support@leolist.cc