👋 there,

We’re excited to share a new easy way to top up your LeoList gift card using CASH!

What you need to know

At the end of the day, Bitcoin ATMs are the safest way to top up your LeoList Gift card using CASH.

Here’s why:

1. You pay fully anonymously, unlike credit cards

2. You can pay with cash


Without further ado, let’s jump right in. 💰

1. Find your nearest Bitcoin ATM

Visit Localcoinatm.com to find Bitcoin ATM’s near you.

Using an ATM is the easiest and most anonymous way to pay for your LeoList Ads.


2. Once at the ATM…

Follow the prompts on the screen to begin purchasing Bitcoin.

3. Tap on the Bitcoin symbol to purchase bitcoins

Please note: Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are NOT the same thing.

** Rates subject to change

4. Tap the “Buy” button

5.  Find your LeoList Bitcoin QR code on your phone

(Not sure where to find your LeoList Bitcoin QR Code ? here it is 👈, or here is a video on how to find it 👇 )


Now let’s move on to the crypto ATM instructions…

Hold your LeoList Bitcoin QR code against the QR code scanner.

The scanner can be found on the upper-left side of the ATM. It should light up.

What to do if the QR code does not scan:

1. Turn up your device’s brightness to its max setting.

2. Use a different device if your screen is broken or contains cracks (perhaps a friend’s).


6. Time to pay up

Now insert your Canadian bills into the lit cash acceptor. The Bitcoin ATM only accepts Canadian bills.

There will be a live counter on the screen, letting you know how many bitcoins you will receive.

You can load any amount of CASH of your choice above the minimum limit of $25 CAD, and the machine and leolist will do the rest.

8. You’ve done it!

If you’ve successfully deposited cash into the ATM, great!

That means that everything went swimmingly and your Bitcoin payment is on the way to your LeoList giftcard.

It usually takes about 10-30 minutes for a transaction to arrive, so check back and make sure it got there then.

Need help? If you made a payment and have a transaction ID from the Bitcoin ATM, please contact help@localcoin.ca or call the LocalCoin team on 1 877 412 2646 (9am-9pm EST).

For more information about LeoList services and payment methods, please contact support@leolist.cc from the address that matches your login email.


The LeoList Team 🦁

Disclaimer: LeoList is in no way related to any of these service providers. Material here should be considered as educational and it is upon your own decision how to pay for LeoList services.