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We have chosen to support Please Bring Me Home. They are a non-profit Canadian organization that aims to locate cold case missing persons. These cases in particular really resonated with us.

Shelley Desrochers was a London, Ontario based escort who went missing back in January 2016.

She was last seen in the Lorne Avenue and English Street area of East London, but no one has seen or heard from her since. Shelley battled with drug addiction and her purse was recovered at a house known for drug-related activity after she went missing.

Meagan Pilon was last seen by her father on September 11th 2013 in Sudbury, Ontario.  Meagan’s father was recovering from back surgery at the time of her disappearance. He stated that he had a short conversation with her and watched her get into an unfamiliar vehicle.  Since that day she hasn’t been seen or heard from since.


We commend the effort of PleaseBringMeHome for looking for Shelley and Meagan, and as such we have donated $5000 to this charity.

How can you help in the search for Shelley and Meagan?

  • Donate directly to Please Bring Me Home. All donations go towards expenses incurred in the search for missing people like Shelley and Meagan.
  • Share this blog post. Even if you aren’t based in the London, Ontario area, sharing this post and pictures of her could go a long way. It only needs to reach one person who might have some information on her to make a difference!

Thank you for supporting this cause and if you know of any charities in need of a donation during these tough times please reach out to us at  initiatives@leolist.cc


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