A New Data Retention Policy

In a world where big companies are doing more to track and sell your data, we’re pulling back to keep you safer. 

We’re making changes to the way ads will be handled in LeoList and chances are, this is going to affect you if you’re a regular advertiser with us.

Read on and see what’s changing…. 👇

Change 1: Ads without a bump or upgrade for 60 days will be removed from your account

Change 2: Accounts are removed within 180 days of inactivity. If the account has a gift card balance, they will not be removed until that balance expires (6 months). If your account gets, you’ll need to create a new one.

And importantly…

If you lost bumps because your account was removed, or an ad expired,  get in touch with customer support and we’ll refund you your bumps via LeoList Gift Card.

These changes are a minor inconvenience, but we’re excited about helping our community stay safe, secure & confidential.


The LeoList Team 🦁