How to Load Bitcoin onto Your Leolist Gift Card

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How to Load Bitcoin onto Your Leolist Gift Card

Benefits of using Bitcoin versus a credit card:

  • Bitcoin transactions are near-anonymous, unlike credit cards
  • All Localcoin Bitcoin ATMs accept cash and do not require ID verification
  • Users will receive a 10% bonus when paying with bitcoins

Follow the steps below to quickly and anonymously add funds to your Leolist account!

Step 1 - Log in to your Leolist account

If you do not have an account, signing up is quick and easy. Simply provide an email to verify your account, and you are ready to go!

Step 2 - Click “Add Funds” to top up your gift card balance

Add Funds by clicking on your username in the upper-right corner. A drop-down with the “Add Funds” button will appear.

Step 3 - Choose the Bitcoin Top Up option

  • Under “Direct Topup to Your Leolist Gift Card”, choose the Bitcoin option.
  • Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) options are also available to fund your gift card
  • We recommend Bitcoin (BTC) as it is the most widely-supported coin.
  • Use link:

*Important: Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are NOT the same coins.

Step 4 - Save your QR code

  • Choose your cryptocurrency. You’ll be taken to a page with your cryptocurrency’s wallet address.
  • It is important to note the following:
    • Always be logged into your account, as each QR code is unique
    • Save your QR code (the square barcode), so that you can scan it at the Localcoin Bitcoin ATM.
    • Your unique QR code can be used multiple times

What is a QR code?
A QR code is a barcode, often in the shape of a square, that contains information. In this case, it contains your Bitcoin wallet address.

How do I save the QR code?
There are a number of ways to save your QR code:

  1. You can log into Leolist in your phone’s mobile browser, and present the QR code directly from the website.
  2. You can take a screenshot of the QR code and save it on your mobile device.
  3. You can print out a copy of your QR code.

Step 5 - Find a Localcoin Bitcoin ATM near you

Now that you have your Bitcoin QR code, you can find a Localcoin ATM.

Step 6 - Tap on the screen to begin

Follow the prompts on the screen to begin purchasing Bitcoin.

Step 7 - Tap on the Bitcoin symbol to purchase bitcoins

Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH) options are also available.

It is important that you tap on the Bitcoin logo as your Bitcoin QR code will not work as intended for the other cryptocurrencies. Be especially careful not to select Litecoin (LTC) when purchasing Bitcoin.

You can also load your gift card with Ethereum and Litecoin.

*Please note: Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are NOT the same thing.*
**Rates are subject to change**

Step 8 - Press the “BUY” button

Step 9 - Scan your Leolist Bitcoin QR code

Hold your Bitcoin QR code against the QR code scanner. The scanner can be found on the upper-left side of the ATM. It should light up.

What to do if the QR code does not scan:

  1. Turn up your device’s brightness to its max setting.
  2. Use a different device if your screen is broken or contains cracks (perhaps a friend’s).
  3. Print a physical copy of your QR code.

Step 10 - Insert Canadian bills

Insert your Canadian bills into the lit cash acceptor. There will be a live counter on the screen, letting you know how many bitcoins you will receive. It is important to note that there is a minimum load amount of 15 Euros (approximately $25 CAD).

*The Bitcoin ATM only accepts Canadian bills. Foreign currency is not accepted.*

**LeoList uses Euros as the main currency which means all deposits will be converted from CAD to EUR using market rate. No additional conversion fee is charged for this**

Step 11 - Receive Your Bitcoins

You’re done! The bitcoins will be sent to your Leolist account and used to top up your Leolist gift card. You can begin redeeming your funds.

*Bitcoin transactions are typically completed within 10-30 minutes, but can take up to one hour.*

Need help? If you made a payment and have a transaction ID from the Bitcoin ATM, please contact or call the LocalCoin team on 1 877 412 2646 (9am-9pm EST).

For more information about LeoList services and payment methods, please contact from the address that matches your login email.

Disclaimer: LeoList is in no way related to any of these service providers. Material here should be considered as educational and it is upon your own decision how to pay for LeoList services.

Update Since Change of Ownership

posted on Fri, Apr 12

LeoList - Canada’s Premier Classified Ads Site

Hello again!

Wow what an exciting week it’s been here at Leolist HQ! As we announced at the start of the week we’re now under new ownership. With a new leadership team assembled from some of the coolest global brands LeoList will continue to deliver innovation, continuity and be your No.1 choice in Canada. We’ve seen an 18% growth in traffic in the first 4 months of 2019 and we only expect to build on our 6.5m visitors that are arriving in hordes every month, to browse your ads!

We maintain our status as the No.1 Classified site across Canada's top 50 cities by population density and continue to drive what the marketing folks call ABC1s (largest disposable income) with a healthy mixture of men and women aged 24-44. Did you know that the average visitor to Leolist spends 17 minutes on the site and browses approximately 11 pages of content, are your listings up to date? :)

Under new management, our goal is to ensure our community will always have their classified ads powerhouse, that is Leolist.

Adding new payment options, putting revenue back into our world class technology platform, building world class consumer products and global expansion are our key business priorities. Don’t worry though Canada, this will always be our home. You’ve made us what we are today and we take the responsibility of maintaining your safety, security and financial health very seriously and are inspired and motivated every day to deliver a great service to all of customers, partners and payment platforms.

Only the best,


New & Easy Option to Top up your LL Account!

posted on Thu, Apr 11

New & Easy Option to Top up your LL Account!

We are excited to share the easiest way to top up your LeoList gift card!

Introducing FLEXEPIN CASH TOP-UP VOUCHERS - A prepaid voucher that lets you securely shop online.

3 easy steps 

to top up your LeoList gift card using Flexepin:

  1. Step – Find your nearest store using
  2. Step – Visit the store and buy a voucher using cash!
  3. Step – Enter your 16 Digit Flexepin Voucher Code and your LeoList Wallet Address at 

Et voilà! Within 2 minutes your LeoList Gift Card will be updated automagically!!!  😊

Can't find your LeoList BTC Wallet Address?

Simply visit:

Want more info on Flexepin? 

Watch this 1-minute video

Alternative service you can use for Flexepin popup for LeoList GiftCard:

Do you prefer to call a real person about this?  

Call the LocalCoin team on 1 844 279 0005 (9am-9pm EST) and mention you have questions about Flexepin.


Email the MyBTC team at

Only the best,


Disclaimer: LeoList is in no way related to any of these service providers. Material here should be considered as educational and it is upon your own decision how to pay for LeoList Services.

Announcement of Change of Ownership

posted on Fri, Apr 12

To our incredible community

We wanted to let you know of some super exciting news, LeoList is now under new ownership.

LeoList has been connecting people in every Canadian city for over 5 years and with your help and support has experienced incredible growth and health as a company. You all make LeoList what it is today and we're really thankful.

In light of the changing payment landscape and events beyond our control the sale of the business to a more experienced and commercially robust company was the best solution to ensure we can continue to deliver a world class service, to you.

Under new ownership, we'll continue to deliver innovation, continuity and be your No.1 choice in Canada. Some exciting new innovations are:

  • Substantial quarterly donations to bodies and organisations whose principles are in line with those of our users
  • A further-refined and improved customer service process including proactive moderation, live-chat and, as always, active support for law enforcement officers
  • Establishing a Community Board comprised of advertisers through which the voice of our customers can reach our owners
  • Relaunching LeoList and hosting our site on a brand-new domain
  • Releasing features centred around increased interaction for users and their audience, including an Instagram-like gallery, improved private chat and ad statistics
  • Switching to the use of third-party service providers who recognize the importance of privacy in today's world. Providers such as ProtonMail
  • Working with payment providers who are conscious of our user's needs and concerns

As a community and as a business we're excited to continue to serve you and provide your customers with only Canada's finest. Continue to watch this space for future announcements!

We look forward to the next chapter of our growth, together.
Thank you very much!

Only the best,